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Small scale shikoku 88 places pilgrimage


Go   around  15~20min.

Entrance fee:  free

Hours:  open 24 hours


The "Ohenro" has been a popular pilgrimage with Japanese people since ancient times.

You can take part without subscribing to any particular belief or religion.

Motivations for setting out on the pilgrimage vary widely, and the pilgrims are not necessarily followers of Shingon Buddhism. Some join for personal reasons, such as regaining health, reflecting on a failure, or seeking a path in life.

The pilgrim can have a priest put the temple's  seal  (shuin 300yen ) in a special pilgrim's  book  called a  nokyocho. The priest also adds some calligraohy in black ink.     Ohenro Experience

Hondo(Main Hall) 本堂

Entrance fee:  free