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Myoonin Temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect.

Myoonin Temple was built in 1579 by decree of Daimyo Satomi Yoshiyori as a temple to worship Buddhism in Tateyama.

Since ancient times, Mount Awa koyasan Myoonin has been worshipped holy mountain by practitioners in the past.


 Walking Over Fire Ceremony (Hiwatari)  火渡り

   May .  24 .   2020     13:30~16:00

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Hiwatari is one of the hard training program.

Performs hiwatari  every year on the fourth Sunday of May.

Entrance fee:  free


Hiwatari is a traditional custom of Myoonin Temple held by the yamabushi monks once a year to pray for world peace,longevity, good health and so on.

The main spectacle is the brave procession of people walking barefoot across flaming hot embers.
The Ceremony is also extremely popular with international tourists.


 The yamabushi perform exorcisms and healing. They are also known for fire-walking hiwatari,which means walking across the embers of a ritual bonfire.Theritual illustrates the powers they have harnessed through their practices in the mountains.They call on the powers of deities associated with fire,such as Fudo, to bring beneficial and purifying powers to ordinary people.


Small scale shikoku 88 places pilgrimage


Go   around  15~20min.

Entrance fee:  free

Hours:  open 24 hours 


Motivations for setting out on the pilgrimage vary widely, and the pilgrims are not necessarily followers of Shingon Buddhism. Some join for personal reasons, such as regaining health, reflecting on a failure, or seeking a path in life.

The pilgrim can have a priest put the temple's  seal  (shuin 300yen ) in a special pilgrim's  book  called a  nokyocho. The priest also adds some calligraohy in black ink.


Myoonin Temple  妙音院

Address:  1689 Kamisanagura, Tateyama-shi, Chiba Prefecture

Hours:  open 24 hours  ( temple office from 8:00am~5:00pm )

Entrance fee:  free

Access:  3min walk from the Kamisanagura bus stop ( JR Bus)

                or,  20min  walk  from the  Tateyama station ( JR )

Website: https://myoonin.jimdo.com/



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