Visitor Information


Myoonin Temple  妙音院


Address:  1689 Kamisanagura, Tateyama-shi, Chiba Prefecture


Office Hours:   8:00am~5:00pm 


Temple garden: 24 hours  (free entrance)


TEL +81-8 (0) 470-23-8285






・From Narita  lnt'l  Airport🚌Express  bus(about  2  hours)Tateyama  Station(Chiba Prefecture)


・From Tokyo Station→🚌Express  bus (less than  2  hours)→Tateyama  Station(Chiba Prefecture)



・From Tateyama  Station→🚌Local  bus(about  10  min/JPY190)→Kamisanagura bus stop→👣3 minutes on foot→Myoonin Temple


;or  just  take  a 20-minute  waik  directly  to  Myoonin  Temple


;  If  you  would  like to call  a   taxi, it costs  about  JPY1200  and  takes less  than  10 minutes.