Shakyo(Sutra copying)

JPY 1000 / 1person   (takes  about  30min~1hour)

Reservation is required.   e-mail

Shakyo(Sutra copying)Flyer
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Shakyo is a Buddhist practice of copying Buddhist scriptures.

This is one of the religious trainings.

The reason it started was to make his big dream come true.

Formally,people copy sutra with ink and an ink brush.

Myoonin temple have shakyo tools for visitors.

You can experience it .

How to do shakyo


Sit and breath in a natural

Calm your mind.


Put your hands together and pray sutra before starting shakyo.


A Buddhist sutra is printed lightly on a sample copy.


Ohenro  (Rent Ohenro costume) 

JPY 1000 / 1person   (takes  about  20min~1hour)

Reservation is required. e-mail

Ohenro (Rent Ohenro costume) Flyer
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At Tateyama City  Myoonin Temple in Chiba Prefecture, you can rent an Ohenro costume (for a fee).

Traditional clothing includes a white shirt, a bamboo hat, and a wooden staff.

The white shirt symbolizes the special condition of withdrawal from the everyday world. The staff symbolizes the spirit of Kobo Daishi which accompanies the pilgrim at all times.

Even those who have not experienced the Ohenro are familiar with the sight of pilgrims wearing white, hoiding canes and sporting woven hats.

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